Timber and WPC decking boards in comparison 

Properties Timber boards WPC boards

Life span

3 - 5 years

15 - 25 years

Care and maintenance

Regular painting and oiling of the boards or even replacement is necessary

Minimal care, maintenance-free

Resistance to weathering

- Absorb moisture

- Can rot without regular maintenance

- Can crack and splinter

- Swell and shrink in accordance with weather conditions

- Resistant to weathering and temperature fluctuations

- Almost indestructible

- Do not crack or splinter

- Retain their form and are durable


Go grey due to lack of UV resistance

Good UV resistance, good colourfastness


Visible screw fastenings

No visible screw fastenings, invisible mountings

Environmental aspects

Trees felled to provide the necessary timber

Use of wood residue from the timber-processing industrye